Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Program

If your company has a minimum of 10 employees committed to lose weight, we can help. We provide a comprehensive presentation on weight loss and our services.

If you want your company to become a part of the Weightloss Transformation’s corporate wellness program, contact your Human Resource department for more information. For more information please to fill out our inquiry form.

Weightloss Transformation uses a powerful web-based tool for healthy eating and weight management and integrates with state of the art mobile app.

Client Benefits

  • Boost your wellness efforts. Weightloss Transformation is perfect for participants interested in losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight as well those interested in improving their nutrition habits.
  • Increase engagement. Weightloss Transformation is ideal for organizations with on-site participants as well as dispersed groups.
    Tracking and reporting. Participants receive reports that provide a nutrient summary, calorie tracking, exercise log and body measurements.

Participant Benefits:

  • User-friendly. The web-based program makes it easy to plan nutritional meals and track food and physical activity.
  • Easy to access. Weightloss Transformation enables participants to set and track their goals from a home computer, office computer or cell phone with Internet access.
  • Simple tracking. Weightloss Transformation supports healthy weight management by
    calculating calories consumed and burned for easy monitoring

Interested in learning more about our corporate wellness program? Contact us to learn more.