Weight Loss Programs

On the Go Weight Loss

What's Included?

  • On-The-Go weight loss plan for as low as $7/week*
  • Weight loss Transformation On-The-Go Membership for $39.99**
  • Weight loss Transformation Mobile App 16 weeks of Access
  • On going online support.  
  • Access to Free Newsletter

* To help ensure you will lose the weight you want, this plan include a full 16 week weight loss program for just $7 a week; total cost of $112. Required products and supplements are available at Weight loss Transformation online Store at regular low prices.
** One time program membership fee.

At Home Weight Loss Program

This package gives you a calorie-based menu and guidelines to follow.  It also includes various supplements to ensure adequate nutrients are being consumed.  A Weight loss consultant will email, text and/or phone you over the course of your at home plan period to keep you motivated and accountable.

4 Weeks

$279 for 4 weeks
  • Kit 1 - Supply
  • Protein Additions*
  • Weightloss Transformation Mobile App. 4 Weeks access
  • Supplements
  • Weight Loss Plan
  • Exercise Regimen

8 Weeks

$449 for 8 weeks
  • Kit 2 - Supply
  • Protein Additions*
  • Weightloss Transformation Mobile App. 8 Weeks access
  • Supplements
  • Weight Loss Plan
  • Exercise Regimen

12 Weeks

$699 for 12 weeks
  • Kit 3 - Supply
  • Protein Additions*
  • Weightloss Transformation Mobile App. 12 Weeks access
  • Supplements
  • Weight Loss Plan
  • Exercise Regimen

*Additional protein addition purchase required to meet program length requirement.  

Weight Loss at Location with Coaching

Cost of 30-minute consultation is $65.00 paid upon scheduling. Consultation cost is non-refundable once the appointment is confirmed. If the customer becomes a client of Weightloss Transformation and is on one of our Weight loss at location with coaching programs, the cost of the program is reduced by the cost of the consultation fee paid upon scheduling the appointment.

Schedule Consultation Now

Weightloss Transformation provides great coaching and guidance to successfully reach your goal and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What to Expect

1. Contact Weightloss Transformation and schedule your first consultation.
2. Complete brief profile and receive an assessment. All Clients receive body composition analysis, measurements, and blood pressure checks throughout the weight loss phase of our program to ensure a successful fat loss.
3. Receive your complete metabolic profile and nutrition plan, supplements, customized Weight loss Plan
4. Meet with your Weight loss Coach weekly to review and evaluate your weight loss progress.
5. Receive ongoing education: Exercise, Nutrition, and Behavior Modification.
6. Behavior Coaching and Guidance: Identify food triggers and unhealthy behaviors.
7. Transition and Learn to increase calories while maintaining your goal weight.
8. Receive Maintenance once you have reached your goal weight and we will design a maintenance program designed for your lifestyle

Program Benefits:

  • Safe Weight loss  program
  • Lose up to 2-5 pounds per week
  • Limited time offer 20% off for new clients
  • Private consultations
  • Exercise Prescriptions
  • Eat Real Foods
  • Fits with your lifestyle
  • Weekly Weigh-ins
  • Behavior Modification
  • Accountability
  • Our Program and products are safe to use and Proven results
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased inch and fat loss
  • Boost your confidence
  • Look good and feel good