Weightloss Transformation has been providing Nutrition, Diet, Weight loss and Weight Management Solutions to challenges for more than a decade.

We have created a list of services with professional and nutrition guided methods that will help you achieve your individual needs and meet your goals the Weightloss Transformation way.

Our Services

Weightloss Programs

  • On-The-Go Weight loss
  • Weight loss at Location with Coaching
  • Weight loss at Home

Nutrition & Diet

  • Personalized Nutrition & Diet Plans
  • 4-week Nutrition guidance express
  • Understanding your nutrition short courses

Corporate Wellness

  • At least 10 employees with strong desire for Weight loss
  • Customized employee weight loss program, nutrition and weight management solutions
  • Seminars and Corporate Visits

Weightloss Programs

On the Go Weight Loss

  • Receive free weight loss profile
  • Receive On-The-Go Weight loss Plan with membership
  • Track weight,  food and activity log – via Web and Mobile Access
  • Clients typically lose 1-2 pounds a week.  Results may vary per individual

Weight Loss at Location with Coaching

  • Schedule a 30-minute consultation, pay online or over the phone.
  • Receive a customized client profile
  • Receive your complete customized assessment, recommendations, supplements and weightloss program plan
  • Weekly weigh-ins and accountability to track current weight to achieve weightloss goals
  • Clients typically lose 2-5 pounds a week. Results may vary per individual

Weight Loss at Home

  • Receive your own personal coach for motivation and accountability.
  • Track current weight to achieve weightloss goals
  • Receive ongoing communication via email, text, and/or phone.
  • Receive personalized assessments, recommendations and insights.
  • Clients typically lose 1-3 pounds a week. Results may vary per individual

Diet & Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition & Diet Plans

  • Select from 3 Nutrition & Diet packages that suit your individual needs
  • Use our App on your phone or computer and watch as you reach your personal goals.
  • Track current nutrition intake to achieve nutrition goals
  • No counting points or calories
  • No figuring out what the right foods are for you personal needs.
  • No need to read labels and calculate food content.

4-Week Nutrition Guidance Programs

  • Track current nutrition deficit  to achieve nutrition goals in 4 weeks:
  • Week 1 – Individualized Evaluation and assessment
  • Week 2 - Adjustment and Recommendations
  • Week 3 – Plan and implement
  • Week 4 – Measure and Maintenance

Understanding your Nutrition short Courses

  • 4-12-Week Curriculum - Your Body, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Digestion, Fat, Aerobics, Anaerobic, vitamins, minerals, weight training, Stress, Food, etc.
  • Content presented in one or combination of multiple formats (video, audio, web, digital/hard-copy files, live)
  • Curriculum complements our broad range of Weight Management, Diet & Nutrition and Corporate Wellness Services
  • Quiz following each weeks lesson to facilitate understanding of the material.
  • System ensures a passing grade to advance student/client to the next lesson/level.
  • High Definition Videos and Professional Narration

Corporate Wellness

If your company has a minimum of 10 employees committed to lose weight, we can help. We provide a comprehensive presentation on weight loss and our services.

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Companies that involve corporate wellness in their company tend to have the following improvements:

  • Increased Employee Confidence
  • Increased Employee Morale
  • Increased Employee Mental Alertness
  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Decreased Employee Sick Days
  • Decreased Employees Health Care Cost

If you want your company to become a part of the Weightloss Transformation’s corporate wellness program, contact your Human Resource department for more information. For more information please to fill out our inquiry form.